Adding Value to Your Reflexology Service

It is said that the first impression is the best impression. When a client is coming in for the first time it is that first impression which may mean whether there is a second visit.

One way to up your chances for not only the second visit but a series of visits is to add value to your reflexology services. The reflexologist has a number of ways to do this.

We have over the years develop an reflexology information package for the client. Included with this package is a set of hand and foot reflexology charts. Clients love these and give them a great deal of value.

You might also add a sheet with frequently asked reflexology questions. What is reflexology? What should I expect? And any other question that would help should be included

Reprints of reflexology articles can be helpful as well. Reprints can often be purchased in bulk thus keeping down your cost.

Don't forget your business card and any other promotion material you feel would help. But don't overdo it. Too much can leave a bad impression.

A nice presentation folder can make your reflexology material look truly professional. It doesn't have to be expensive.

If you have a high end reflexology business you might even consider giving a complementary book with each first visit. You can get books at discount thus dropping your cost. When you charge a goodly sum giving a book can seem very classy.

Another tip is to work on one foot and then get the client up to walk around. That gives the client a chance to feel your reflexology work and the contrast of one foot versus the other.

I tell them I am going to do something very cruel. "I am going to get you up for a moment to take a few steps to see if you can feel the difference. Most feel the difference. The ones that don't are another story.


Foot and Reflexology Charts in quanity

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