Reflexology at the Spa

June 21, 1991, "Aye, Here's the rub: In hotels you may choose your massage" by Michael Iachetta, "Unique treatments at the Meadowood Resort Hotel in Napa Valley, and at the Peabody Orlando, feature reflexology, a foot massage similar to acupressure that uses pressure points to treat a variety of other sites in the body."

Jan. 27, 1991, "Where to take the waters in Mexico" by Stephen Birnbaum column, The number of spas in Mexico grows. Three of 570 Mexico's known warm-water mineral springs were used by Monteczuma, Aztec emperor. Rancho Caliente, near Guadalajara, combines, thermal springs, spa and a diet center. Reflexology is included among services.

Jan. 27, 1991: "Victorian-Era resort is a mecca for health-and-fitness buffs" by Sheila Anne Feeney, The author visits the Sagamore at Lake George, New York, The article begins: "The earnest upstater was explaining how each time he applied pressure under my instep or between my toes, he was really touching my spleen or sinus. … The principles explained by the masseuse of awesome upper-body strength made me wonder: Could a less principled reflexologist use the feet as joysticks to regulate the body's other pleasure centers?"

May 5, 1993: "Work off the excess in opulent floating gyms," The latest trend (in cruise lines) is for newer ships to offer full-spa programs and other to invest in fitness renovations … Seapoing fitness programs have rivaled the finest on land, chief among them the famed Golden Door Spa at Sea on the Queen Elizabeth 2, manned by California-trained experts … Besides workouts, many ships offer exotic body treatments, with cruise versions similar to those on land," Reflexology is included as a service at service ship board spas. "Many cruise lines also book health professionals to speak … Others feature lecture series and entire workshops."

Nov. 21, 1993: "Arizona High, The Fitness Spas of Scottsdale are where the beautiful people play," Two of five Scottsdale spas listed in the article offer reflexology as a part of a spa package. The article begins "The Princess Spa & Fitness Center has five massage options, including reflexology or acupressure, which works on various points of the foot corresponding with organs of the body. The idea, it's claimed, releases toxins and balance to the head, neck and shoulder areas." The Well-Being Half Day at the Phoenician Resort costs $105 and includes a half-hour of reflexology. The Well-Being Eight Days costs $510 and includes a reflexology session.

Dec. 16, 1993: "Like vacation rough around the edges, try Bangkok," "Enter the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, on everybody's list as the World's Best Hotel for the better part of a century … just got better. It has added a health spa and herbal treatment center… offer treatments ranging from Thai massage to reflexology, hydro-treatments, manicures, pedicures, makeup treatment and herbal body wraps. The whole complex is heavy with wood, gilt and expensive furnishings."

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