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We developed this definition after a court case in which a reflexologist was convicted of practicing medicine and podiatry without a license in 1983. We were told by some of the leading attorneys in the field of practicing medicine without a license that reflexologist may not be able to practice reflexology in any of the fifty states. They suggest a change in definition.

This generic definition was developed in relationship to a foot work categorization system. Our plan was simple define reflexology carefully to reflect the tradition but not to contravene the medical practices act or the massage act.

(In 1988 a group of reflexologists met in Eagle Rock, California to work on a definition of reflexology. Include in that group was Mildred Carter, Kevin and Barbara Kunz and Margrete Teuwan. There were representatives of the International Institute and the Flocco method. It was sponsored and attended by the Foot Reflexology Awareness Association. It was the greatest demonstration of democracy we have ever witnessed. It was a starting point. There were more definitions to follow.)


Reflexology is:

(a) the physical act of applying pressure to the feet

(b) with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques

(c) which do not use oil, lotion or cream

(d) The application of this pressure is assessed on the basis of ten longitudinal zones and areas

(e) reiterated on the feet in the body's image linking foot to body,

(f) with a premise that such work effects a physiological change in the body


Barbara and Kevin Kunz, Reflexions, Nov-Dec 1983.

ŠKunz and Kunz 2003
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