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Anyone ordering any item(s) over 10 dollars from Reflexology Research Project can receive an reflexology ebook (electronic) of their choice. They are just like a regular book only they can be sent directly to your computer.

We will send these electronic books to you directly. You can either read these books on your computer or print them out for your own use.

(Practitioners We are granting you limited reprint rights for your clientele for self help purposes as long as they are not being offered for sale.)

Receiving your free ebook is easy.

1) Order from our secure server anything you like. It must be over ten dollars to qualify. in the world is eligible. But we must have an email address.)

2) In the comment box tell us which book you want and we will send it directly to you. You can select any electronic book from

To use these books you need an Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download from (Many computers come with this program already installed.)

3) Open your book and start enjoying it.

Free Review Copies for Educators

Teachers and schools who know the best always buy Kunz and Kunz titles for their students

Reflexology teachers and schools are eligible for a free book of your choice from the following list.

Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology Hand Reflexology WorkbookMy Reflexologist Says Feet Don't Lie
  • Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology
  • Hand Reflexology Workbook (Revised)
  • My Reflexologist Says Feet Don't Lie
  • Each caller will receive a free foot reflexology chart in addition to the free review copy.

    We will request the following information in order to qualify.

  • Name
  • School
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Web site

  • Courses taught in reflexology
  • Instructors Name(s)
  • How many hours
  • How many times a year
  • Years in business
  • Are you interested in curriculums for your programs?
  • We require a $3.00 postage and handling fee which can be paid by credit card. Please call 877-344-9392 to request a free review copy.

    These books are seconds and may have blemishes on the cover. This offer is limited to the US and Canada. We reserve the right to limit this offer to qualified schools and teachers. Quantity discounts are available on these books to schools and teachers. Please contact us at 877-344-9392.

    Privacy statement This information is for marketing purposes of Reflexology Research Project only. The information is not going to be offered to third parties or sold.

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