Reflexology Registration in Canada

Solution sought to city licensing problems

Efforts are underway by a bipartisan group of Canadian reflexologists to create a reflexology registration system in Ontario Province. If passed into law, the action would have implications for all of Canada. Under a provision of Canadian law, provinces are encouraged to share rights. The legislative bodies of other provinces are thus likely to create reflexology registration as well.

The legislative proposal followed attempts by Ontario province city governments in Toronto and Kitchener to issue business licenses to reflexologists beginning in 1996. The licensing category would have been as a "body rub" establishment in Kitchener and massage practitioner in Toronto. The body rub category includes houses of prostitution.

Reflexologists attended city governmental meetings to present their side of the issues and opened dialogues with city officials. Those participating included Reflexology Association of Canada members Don Reid, Jeanette Obin of Kitchener and Karen Slater of Ottawa and Ontario College of Reflexology's Don Bisson. Officials in Kitchener responded to reflexologists' concerns by deciding to wait and see what would be done by Toronto city officials. Reflexologists in Toronto worked with officials of the Metropolitan Licensing Commission to create a separate category for reflexologists.

The decision was made to work towards province-wide registration of reflexologists through legislative means. Reflexologists of Ontario are currently at work creating the legislation.

Further legislation impacting reflexologists

Legislation is working its way through the Ontario Provincial Legislature that would enable physicians to practice alternative modalities or refer patients to alternative practitioners. Such action is not currently allowed.

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