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Footwork Artifacts of Ancient Egypt


Dates of rule

Footwork description

Djedkare Isei

8th Pharaoh,

Fifth Dynasty

2388-2356 B. C.

Ptah-hotep is pictured in carved bas relief displayed in the chapel of his tomb as having his "toes and fingers manicured."[9] One report states that a bas relief in his tomb shows a servant "massaging his leg."[10]

Ptah-hotep's titles: "Vizier and Judge," "Supervisor of Prophets of the Pyramids of Menkauhor and Isei" and "Supervisor of Priests of the Pyramid of Niuserre"[11]


First Pharaoh

Sixth Dynasty


2323-2291 B. C.

Work on hands and feet is depicted in bas relief carvings at the entrance to Ankmahor's tomb. The placement of such carvings in an entrance typically signified the profession of the individual. The tomb is referred to as "Tomb of the Physician"[12]

Ankhmahor's titles: "Vizier," "First after the King," "Overseer of the Great House"

Ramesses II

Third Pharaoh

Nineteenth Dynasty

1279-1213 B. C.

A pictograph of work on feet of "tending" to the feet of foot soldiers on a military campaign involving a long march during the battle of Qadesh during the reign of Ramesses II. The battle is well known because it was commemorated by Ramesses in the building of at least eight temples that have survived.[13]


Greco-Roman Period

69-30 B. C.

Mark Anthony reported to "massage her (Cleopatra's) feet at dinner parties"[14]

Princess Diana of England

Modern Day

1997 A. D.

"In the end Diana looked less like a royal and more like a sleek Manhattan socialite. For one thing she was well groomed. She got manicures and pedicures, had foot reflexology three times a week."[15]

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Egyptian Reflexology - 21 MAY 1998

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